“Reflections” by George Roche III – Imprimis, October 1972

A series of short posts summarizing my thoughts as I work my way through the archives of the Imprimis newsletter from Hillsdale college.

This issue contains a few thoughts (reflections) by Mr. Roche on four different topics.

  1. The Right Hand and Left Hand – Federal money always means federal control. Federal control means federal oversight. Federal oversight means growth of federal agencies.
  2. Sesame Street
  3. Parental Responsibility – Roche discusses the intrusion of the state upon the schooling system in the name of “sociological jurisprudence”.
  4. London the Price of Socialism – It costs a lot, and still does.

Roche’s comments on Sesame Street or well worth reading. I recently read a chapter from the book Liberation’s Children: Parents and Kids in Postmodern Age in which many of the same thoughts are expressed. In short, Sesame Street isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.


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