“No Energy Exhaustion” by Petr Beckmann – Imprimis, January 1975

A series of short posts summarizing my thoughts as I work my way through the archives of the Imprimis newsletter from Hillsdale college.


  • Petr Beckmann, born in 1924, died in 1993.
  • Challenged Einsteins’ theory of relativity and advocation of nuclear power.
  • This presentation was delivered in 1974, five years before Three Mile Island.


  • One of the present malaises of society is a strong anti-scientific, anti-technological trend coming from outside and inside the scientific community which results in a blatant disregard of the facts.
  • The book ‘The Limits of Growth‘ is cited as an example of this disregard.
  • There is no lack of energy (even clean energy), but access to that energy is blocked by restrictions on the free market by govt. and public opinion (driven by propagandizing)
  • Beckmann discusses the power OPEC has to set oil prices and five solutions to the problem. The first four are dismissed (tough talk and military action among them) in favor of opening up access to existing U.S. energy resources.

Is ‘No Energy Exhaustion‘ worth reading?

Probably not. It was interesting that use of military force was at mentioned as one of the possibilities in dealing with OPEC, although it was dismissed. I had to ask myself what would the U.S. response be if Saudi Arabia refused to sell us oil? I believe use of the military is the undeniable answer. It is foolish to separate our conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan with the fact that our country needs a stable supply of oil.

I have a friend who is very much an expert on “green” energy and he has mentioned a number of times to me (with some regret) that nuclear power offers our country the greatest chance of freeing itself from our dependence on oil.


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